The Marriott 4MyHR extranet portal provides employees with instant, up-to-date and detailed information. On the 4myhr website, you can see your salary, pay hours, work hours, schedule, bonuses, salary summary, performance plans, my salary details, direct deposit, performance resources, training programs, njmcdirect payroll, etc.


Employees can access their 4myhr.com extranet account from anywhere and at any time.

Some Feature Of The Login Portal

The 4Myhr portal offers different types of functionalities for users and collaborators of the Mariott extranet, which can be better understood here using the following list:

  • It also helps employers transfer projects and reports between different departments or departments.
  • Help employees contact HR if they have a problem or question.
  • The portal helps employees register for promotions and licenses.
  • You can also check your license requests to see if they have been confirmed or not.
  • Employees can access their daily work schedules and also request changes to their shifts.
  • The portal allows employees to update their personal and professional profiles from anywhere through a connected device.

4Myhr - Customer

  • The portal is highly secure and employees can be sure that their data cannot be stolen as it is encrypted and uses cloud-based storage.
  • Employers can access data on their employees’ performance and their progress on various tasks.
  • If necessary, access W2 salary and tax receipts to download.
  • Get payroll and statistics, also download payroll to apply for bank loans.
  • Employees can also receive their work-related emails directly from this web portal.

All Marriott International employees can access and use all the benefits of the 4myhr employee portal. This portal helps the company reduce the workload for employee inquiries related to payroll, payroll, working hours, benefits, etc. And employees also receive the latest information at all times. Employees can use the 4myhr employee portal to get information on payroll, payroll status, paychecks, work hours, discount cards, announcements, and more.