Marriott employees and partners have the right to access the Marriott extranet at www.4myhr.com to obtain important company information and other protected resources. The 4MyHR login is a unique identity for accessing your Marriott account and, for example, for modifying personal information.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What features does the 4MyHR portal offer?

The 4MyHr portal has many features including payment submission information and forms, W2 wage and tax forms, promotion requests, employee job performance, vacation requests, medical and financial benefits, etc.

How to access the 4MyHR portal?

Marriott employees can access the Marriott extranet portal through the official website with a secure Internet connection and a reliable device.

How do I register for the 4myhr Marriott extranet?

No need to register on the 4myhr employee login portal. Your HR manager creates your 4 myhr login account and provides you with a company identifier (EID) and password to connect to the 4myhr login. Otherwise, wait for your first direct deposit, as sometimes HR pays you after your first direct deposit. If this is not possible, call the 4myhr Marriott International service/support phone number and ask them to create your account.

What if you have questions about the 4MyHR portal?

Through these web portals, users can use the messaging function to get in direct contact with the human resources department. If you have connectivity problems that cannot be resolved, visit Workplace Administration or call customer service at 1-240-632-6000.

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How to set up a 4-hour direct deposit?

How to set up direct payment in the 4myhr employee portal:

  • Access the employee self-service portal www.4myhr.com.
  • Login to your account with your EID and password.
  • Go to the self-service area.
  • There is an option, Pay and Compensation or My Salary and Benefits. And click Direct Deposit.
  • Then click “Add an account to set up your first direct deposit” or “Edit to update your direct deposit information.”
  • Now you need to add your new account and fill in certain information such as account type, bank ID, and account number.
  • Click the Save button after entering all the information.